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2017 CORA Annual Meeting
June 15, 2017 at the Westin Ottawa


  • Bring a copy of your PowerPoint presentation on a USB stick to Ottawa.
  • You MUST load your talk at the podium directly, in the Ontario Room on the 3rd floor of the Westin Ottawa between 08:00 and 08:40am on Thursday, June 15. The paper session will begin at 9:00 am.
  • Please note that COA podium instructions and CORA instructions are different. If you are presenting a paper at the COA Annual Meeting, please follow those instructions separately.  Please note that CORA does not have a Speaker Ready Room, and all talks will be loaded at the podium.
  • The audiovisual projection system in the meeting room will include a Personal Computer (PC).  We are unable to accommodate speakers’ laptops. No Macintosh computers or adapters will be available.
  • Internet connection will likely be available, but the quality cannot be guaranteed, so please avoid live links in presentations.
  • A strict time criteria of 6 minutes per podium presentation will be in effect for presenters, with 3 minutes for discussion.
  • Be sure to test your presentation at the podium prior to 08:40, paying particular attention to images, audio and video that may be embedded.
  • An AV technician will be available on call, should you have any trouble loading your talk.
  • Presenter mode (where you can see your notes on a separate monitor) may not be available, so please print your presentation notes.
  • Awards for the top three podium presentations ($750 1st prize, $500 2nd prize, $300 3rd prize) and the best poster ($250) will be announced and presented at the beginning of the CORA symposium at 13:00.  
  • Moderators will be grading podium presentations based on the following:
    1. VISUAL QUALITY/LAYOUT/DESIGN OF PRESENTATION (Is the information visually presented in a clear, organized and appealing manner?)
    2. PRESENTATION’S SCHOLARLY CONTENT (Are the hypothesis and methodology sound? Are data collection and analysis at an advanced stage? Are the results and conclusions discussed appropriately?)
    3. SIGNIFICANCE TO THE FIELD (Does the research address relevant issues in the topic studied?  Does the study attempt to advance the body of knowledge in this topic?)

Don’t forget to load your talk in the Ontario Room! 

All poster presenters must register for the CORA Annual Meeting (free for Associate members before April 28).

For inquiries, please email coraweb@canorth.org or call Trinity Wittman at 514-874-9003 x 2.

Congratulations to CORA 2017 presenters! We look forward to seeing you in Ottawa.


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